The Worst Kinds of People to Travel With

A traveling experience should always be fun and be able to make you happy by exposing you to new people, places, cultures, and attractions you might have never had the chance to experience before. Sometimes it becomes more interesting when you are traveling in a group or with a partner whom you can constantly have chats with so that you share in the moments together. However, if you land the wrong partner for your travel, then what you might go through with them may befit the description of a nightmare.

They can completely ruin the experience with their actions, omissions or commissions until you regret why you chose to go for renew my passport services so that you can take a trip with them. To help you be more careful and increase your chances of landing the right travel buddies, here the types of people you may not want to travel with-:

The lazy types


The experience you get when traveling with a lazy person may be very frustrating. You always want to get ahead and have stuff done, but nothing seems to bother them. They are lazy, tired and will never feel like doing anything. With them, it implies that you will be the workhorse, and this may drain you thus depriving you of the enthusiasm you needed to get the most out of the trip. They will just make you feel as if you are traveling with a 90-year-old nanny. If you know that someone is usually lazy, don’t even entertain the idea of tagging them along in your travels.

The Latecomers

If you are the type that is very good, then you should never travel with those who don’t have any consideration of time. They will drag you behind and will not even be apologetic. They may be your main reason for missing your flights, arriving at attractions late, and checking out from the hotel late. This kind of traveler is worst because they may make you spend more money as a result of their inconveniences. For example, if you miss a flight because of them, you may have to spend more money to get another ticket. You should never travel with latecomers or if they have to come, then always ensure they are up early so that they have enough time to get ready. ]

The over-packer

This is another type of traveling partner you must avoid at all costs. You will see them with huge bags which are stuffed with all manner of things. If you happen to be going to the airport, they are likely to be charged more for extra luggage, thus increasing the cost of the travel. If you will be using trains, then dragging the bags along the street will not be as easy as when traveling with a light bag. They will also cause problems when keeping the bags in the taxis when you have to move from the hotel to the airport or the other way round. The over-packer will in most cases slow you down, and if you can’t avoid traveling with them and you don’t want their inconveniences, then you should insist that they cut down on their luggage and the size of their bags.

The dependent guys

If you have gone for renew my passport services and you have to travel with someone who will be entirely dependent on you, then you could very tough times during your trip. They are the kinds of people who will never want to do things on their own. For example, if you were going for a trip as a group and you reach a point where you have to split up to fit taxies or just get separated for a short while, you will have a lot of pulling back and forth from this group simply because they don’t want to be alone. Though they may be grownups, their actions will be like that of a small kid and they can be really annoying. Just by being too dependent on you, they can ruin the entire experience for you, and this is why you should never consider allowing them to join your trips.

The over-spender


Just as the name suggests, this type of traveler is not afraid to spend their money and they are the last people you should travel if you know you are a budget traveler. To them, they want the ultimate luxury during their trips and as such, they will not settle for anything less than five-star hotels for accommodation, fancy restaurants for meals, taxis for moving from one place to another and shopping in brand shops. Perhaps all you needed was just a decent vacation experience that will not cost you a lot of money, they can spoil the part by their overtures and if you are not financially prudent to resist their shenanigans, you may leave the trip broke or in debt.

The irresponsible fellows

This is another category of travelers you may not want to have in your group. They are extremely irresponsible and with them, you can expect a constant loss of important things like tickets and sometimes luggage. They don’t just know how to take care of anything and they are the last persons you would wish to watch over something for you. Each and every time, you will be helping them search for their misplaced phones, passport, and camera and it can be very annoying that adults like them still can’t take care of themselves.

The over-complainer

Of course, you can’t expect a trip without any glitches, but this person will over complain unnecessarily, and sometimes over very trivial things. With them, the flight doesn’t have enough leg room, the room is small, the taxi smells bad, the temperatures are too low or too high, the food doesn’t have enough salt, they miss the food back home, you are not giving them enough attention etc. They will basically complain about everything. They drain your energy by forcing you to listen to them and they also drive a lot of negative energy towards you and this will without a doubt hinder you from having a great travel experience. Avoid them if you can.