Thrifty Tips for Moving Home


Moving home can be expensive and extra costs can easily creep up on you, so being thrifty can seem like a bit of a pipedream on moving day. Once you’ve got over the already pricey fees just to pay for the property, it’s easy to forget about costs like hiring a moving van or buying new furniture.

Hopefully these tips can help you to save some money in the run up to the move, meaning you can spend your money on nice things for your new home!

Clear as much space as you can

Having a clear out before moving will mean less heavy lifting, and could save you money if it means being able to use a small removals van rather than a larger one. Consider having a yard sale or selling online to get unwanted items out of your home (ideally by making a profit in the process), but make sure you have plenty of time to do this, as some items may take longer to sell than others.

Ask for help

Ask friends (ideally friends with cars) to help you on moving day. Try and minimise last minute jobs as much as you can – make sure everything is packed and ready to go so no one is standing around. You can reward friends with a dinner/takeaway at the end of the day or offer to help them next time they move. If you do need help from a removal company, even if it’s just for the heavy lifting, choose one via Shiply so you know you’re getting the best price.

Ask local stores for cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes can be surprisingly expensive, and a great way to get them for free is to travel to some local stores and ask them for any spares they have. Stores are normally happy to oblige, and as long as you’re happy with what could be a mixture of different sized boxes, it could save you a nice amount of money.

Buy second hand furniture and upcycle

Instead of buying a brand new chest of drawers or dining chairs, why not buy some second hand furniture from eBay and have a go at upcycling it yourself? Have a look at Pinterest and search YouTube tutorials for inspiration and you could make something truly unique at a fraction of the cost of a new one. Another way to get a bargain is to take a look at auctions, including those that are online, which are typically live and part of an auction happening in real time at the auction house. Many auction items are surplus stock from stores so you could get a great price reduction.

Good luck with your thrifty house removal – let us know if you have any more tips!