Top 5 Free Online Marketing Courses for Students

We now live in a world where we can easily gain access to any information on our computer. Knowledge which used to cost money is now available for free on the internet. With technology, we can now enroll in online courses and learn from the comfort of our homes.

Marketing is a great profession. As a marketer, you can be marketing other people’s business or yours. Either way, you’ll make a fortune. In this piece, we’ll consider five marketing courses that students can learn for free. Yes! Check out this list from marketing specialists:

1. WordStream’s Growth Academy

Just as the name indicates, growth academy will help you grow your business. As a student, you may not be having enough time and resources to market your small-scale business as much as you desire. But with growth academy, you can go far beyond your expectations in marketing. After you enroll for the course, you’ll learn many things from marketing experts who will be your tutors. You’ll learn about the online advertisement, e-commerce, lead generation and many other useful tips on digital marketing. The course is entirely free.

2. Google’s Online Marketing Challenge

So far, Google has offered many free online courses in different fields. Among these courses, its marketing course is of great benefit to students with the business-oriented mind. The course has numerous video tutorials. In the tutorials, students will learn about Google Ads, mobile strategy, social network and more.

3. Copy Blogger Marketing Email Course

This course is from Copy Blogger. After you register, you’ll keep receiving lessons via email. It takes a total of 20 email messages to complete the course. You won’t receive the entire mails at once. Instead, you’ll keep receiving one email every day. This course will teach you about keyword research, content marketing, SEO and lots more.

4. Constant Contact’s Social Media Quickstarter

Constant Contact is in charge of the course. This course will help you to master strategies of social media marketing. You must master marketing on social media. Following today’s trend, you’ll realize that the majority of the people you want to reach are spending more time on social media. This course contains full guide, on how to reach them.

5. Hub Spot: Inbound Marketing Training

Take your marketing skills to a very high level with training from HubSpot. There are 12 marketing classes you can learn in. Learn about keyword, SEO, social media and email marketing. At the end of the course, take exams on the platform. If you come out well in training, you won’t have a problem growing businesses. You’ll know how to attract people to any business. This training is something you don’t want to miss.


The online environment is an excellent place to acquire new knowledge. Among all the professional courses that we have online, marketing is a very rewarding one. Training in marketing will benefit you a lot. Start one today. You’ll never regret it.