Top 5 Thai fashion tends that you need to start following now

When it comes to unique fashion, you’ve probably heard of the latest styles from Italy, Paris, France or Spain. But did you know that Thailand is actually one of the biggest fashion hubs in the world? If you have a fashion brand, and you have been able to sell it in Thailand, you know that you have made it as a designer. Thailand is home to some of the most unique fashions and styles, due to their colour, prints and outfit cuts. Here are the top 5 Thai fashion styles that you need to get into your own wardrobe.

Gender Fluid Styles

No matter what sort of person you are, you could be a university student, a traveller or perhaps one of the professional ladyboy escorts in Bangkok, the style trends for summer have largely been about androgyny, aka. the combination of masculine and feminine features. This has included high cut suits combined with lace, as well as floaty male silhouettes. Some female suits may also combine traditional male working attire with stripes or cuffs. Think of it as an urban chic that looks good on both men and women alike. Some fashion trends have even taken to combining suits with trainers. That will make you feel great on your commute to work every day. No more stuffy high heels or tight shiny black shoes.

Flared Trousers

Now, everyone knows that Thailand is a very hot country. However, not everyone wants to show off their legs in order to get a light breeze on their skin. That’s why Thai fashion is now leaning towards overly-exaggerated flared pants. They tend to have high waists and are often accompanied by a belt to accentuate an hourglass waist and extremely flowy trouser legs that are either grey or patterned. These trousers tend to flair out from the top to the bottom of the legging, making your legs appear longer than they actually are. In order to make your trousers stand out further, combine it with a plain dark top. That way, it won’t draw the attention away from your brand new trousers.

Neon Outfits

If you are a lover of colour then this may be your time to shine. Neon is back with a vengeance to add its mark on 2019. The neon shade trending this year in Thailand? Neon green. Whilst you’re more than welcome to flaunt it in a full outfit. Combine it with different shades like purple, black or blue if you want to go for a solid fashionable look. If you have other neon shades, don’t worry, you can wear those as well! It doesn’t even need to be too outlandish. If you have a neon jacket, shirt or even a pair of shoes, you will be able to jump on the fashion trend without any problems. If you want to make them stand out, pair them with darker shades.

Crochet and Crafts

You probably would have never thought that crochet would have come into style. Well, it has! And it has never looked better. Craftwork tends to give a more summery look as it can be used for over shirts and dresses. The patterns tend to be very intricate and can contain small details like shells, lights and jewels. Some people take things a step further and even add knots, tassels or paint and glue crafts to their original clothes to get a unique look. So, get out your acrylic paints and start working on your own designs. You’re sure to come up with something that looks simply gorgeous!

Vintage wear

We all know about vintage wear. It’s about taking an old-style and giving it a new twist. So, for instance, let’s take the Japanese style of “lolita.” One of the subcategories of this style is “vintage lolita”, a style that takes the old cupcake style of dress and adds old fashioned twists to it (so adds ruffles, long sleeves, bustles and corsets.) Well, Thailand has created its own vintage chic that combines old fashioned vintage wear with a modern feel. So, you may get an old brown lace skirt with ruffles and it is combined with a small belt or a modern t-shirt with a slogan. This updates the vintage style and makes it look more urban and grungey. Add a pair of doc martins or chunky boots and your style will be completely on point.

What are you going to be wearing?

Thailand is a fashion capital that can influence styles all the way around the world. If you want to update your style this season, but feel like you are out of inspiration, why not take a look at Pinterest and some of the Thai catwalks? You will certainly find a style there that will catch your eye.

Happy fashioning!