Top Things To See And Do In Florida This Summer

If you’re stuck on what to do with the kids this summer and it’s been awhile since your last proper family vacation, why not consider taking off stateside this year and checking out the fantastic state of Florida. Florida isn’t just for old people looking to retire in the sun and there’s actually a huge amount of things to do for all family members from eight to eighty. Check out some of the cool suggestions below and consider getting those tickets booked early – Florida is always a hit with everyone!

The Florida Keys

This stretch of pearl-like islands in the Gulf of Mexico are the spot for people looking for a bit of sun, sea and sand. With gorgeous beaches, luscious resorts and seas so blue you might think you’re looking at the sky on offer, it’s easy to see why this is a favourite amongst honeymooners and families alike. Check in advance for family friendly resorts and book yourself into luxury for a few days. Bonus: the Keys are connected by a road, so if you’re road tripping, what better way to experience some stunning scenery?

Cape Canaveral and Kennedy Space Centre

Have you got a science geek in your clan? This is the ultimate stop for anyone who has any interest at all in space exploration and the United States’ experience with the space race to the moon. Featuring a full historical display of the very earliest attempts at orbit all the way up to modern day excursions to the International Space Station, it’s easy to see why the space centre is a popular stop for tourists of all ages. As an added bonus, you can check out a rocket or even shuttle launch at Cape Canaveral for those who are lucky enough to be in the area for one.

Orlando And All Its Delights

Orlando is usually one of the highlights of any trip to the state of Florida, what with all of its theme parks including Universal Studios, Epcot Centre, Sea World and of course, Disney World. You can take the kids to some of the theme parks for less if you purchase tickets in advance online, saving yourself both time and money at the gate. Don’t worry as well – the theme parks have lots of things that are great for adults too!

Further Afield

If, like most people, the bright lights and glitz of the Big Easy has always been on your bucket list, you’re in luck. Driving from Florida into Louisiana for a weekend in New Orleans isn’t just a great way to get away from your holiday for awhile, but it’s also the perfect way to combine two trips into one! The drive along the north coast is likewise, beautiful and you should allow a day or two for potential stops along the way if your eye catches something you like the look of.

So if you’ve been eyeing up holidays but you aren’t sure which to pick consider Florida. With so much to see and do both in the state itself as well as neighbouring regions, it’s no wonder so many people have this on their bucket list. Enjoy!