Unique Food To Try From Around The World

Source: Hirokazu Touwaku on Pixabay

Are you a foodie? Who isn’t… at least kind of. We all like our individual dishes, sometimes pushing the boat out and going for something new, wild, wonderful or just plain wacky. Food is the one thing that when you travel, you are going to encounter unless you keep seeking out fast food places from the west coupled with only ordering burgers or pizzas in different establishments throughout your travels. But who wants that? Food is one of the safest ways you can be adventurous when you travel, so why not get stuck in? Here’s a list of some of the most unique foods you should try from around the world. Tasty!

Haggis, Scotland

Okay, so just the name ‘Haggis’ sounds a bit daunting. This combination of sheep’s heart, liver and lungs minced and then mixed with oatmeal, suet and spices cooked INSIDE the sheep’s stomach sounds a bit overwhelming, but it can actually be quite enjoyable once you get over what it actually is. For the best options, try at a Scot’s home, or ask for suggestions on the best place to try.

Black Pudding, Various

A lot of people may have been exposed to black pudding through its association with the Full English Breakfast, but this sausage, actually made from blood, is served in a number of different regions of the world. Usually fried before serving, it comes out looking like two rounds of very burned bread. Some may enjoy it, but this foodie found it was a bit too much to bear.

Century Egg, China

Don’t let the name fool you, the egg isn’t actually a hundred years old (that would be weird). Instead, eggs are preserved in a combination of clay, ash and quicklime for a period of months, sending the yolk a strange hue of green or even black and the white a strange, murky and sometimes translucent brown. If you can get over the colours though, don’t worry. Apparently it’s said to taste like a normal hard boiled egg. 

Fried Insects, Various

The first place this foodie found a collection of creepy crawlies served up on a platter was in Bangkok, Thailand. The scorpions eventually were a bit too tempting and so two were consumed (after a couple of Thai Sangsom buckets, perhaps). Admittedly, they tasted like barbecued pork, so in a word, delicious. Fried crickets are said to taste like peanuts. We think the fried tarantulas of Cambodia might be a bit too far for us, though.

Escargot, France

Who doesn’t love snails on the half shell? Okay, we kid, but escargot is literally snails cooked and seasoned and then served in the shell. Usually cooked and served with a white wine sauce and covered in parsley, they taste similar to mussels or clams with a consistency to match, so to be honest, not horrible. Definitely save this one for a pricey French restaurant though to ensure your snail experience is a good one.

Fugu, Japan

Danger! Danger! Poison fish ahead. Known more widely as the pufferfish, Fugu can actually be deadly if it’s cut and prepared incorrectly. In Japan however, specially trained chefs who undergo almost military-like education and training to be able to prepare this dangerous dish. The taste is said to be worth the danger though, so it’s up to you if you have the guts to try it! Book a cheap flight to Tokyo and seek out some of the more upscale restaurants that serve Fugu for your best bet of finding it – it’s so notorious that many places refuse to serve it.

Kangaroo, Australia

A lot like many game type animals, kangaroo is known for being lean, mean and extremely healthy. Chock full of proteins, vitamins and good fats, it’s a staple for the bushmen and indigenous peoples of Australia. It’s quite popular meat throughout though, even if it’s a bone of contention for animal rights groups. Much like North America’s Bison, it can be prepared in a whole host of ways such as in stews or soups, steaks and burgers. Tasty!

Poutine, Canada

What is poutine exactly? This magical mix of french fries, cheese curds and gravy originated in the province of Quebec but has been adopted across the country and is the official ‘food of Canada’. It sounds disgusting when you first hear about it, but it’s so delicious and popular that there are dozens, if not hundreds of takes on it all across Canada, including poutine with perogies, butter chicken poutine and more. You honestly are missing out if you go to Canada and don’t try poutine at least once. Trust us.

So whether you’re a seasoned foodie, or you’re just getting your fledgling foodie wings, these are some of the dishes (and fishes!) you might come across on your travels. So pick up your forks and get to it – there’s a whole world to eat!

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