Ways To Keep Travelling For Longer


Travelling is one of those great adventures that you never want to end. In fact, it’s been studied and proven that when we go away from our homes for a long period of time, throwing ourselves into the wild world and then returning to our homelands can sometimes shock us at just how differently we have it in our home country. To say that experiencing this is easy would be completely incorrect and in fact for many people they don’t want to experience this and so they find ways to extend the trip as long as possible. Here are a couple ways they do that, so you can do it on your next trip too.

Playing Online Games

That’s right – playing online games like casino games can help you make money easily by just playing some of your favourite casino games like blackjack, poker, slots and bingo. Did you know you can also play US Lottery online? You can subscribe to get your numbers in the draw every week and even do direct debits and the like so that you can just sit back and not have to worry. Great, right?


This is something that has taken off in terms of digital nomads and travellers in general. Freelancing has allowed thousands of people to join the ranks of the location independent and while some people can get their followings up to huge levels to afford them free travel, perks or even six figure incomes from advertising, for the rest of us just being able to make money on the road is a colossal win. Try your hand at being a virtual assistant, graphic design or coding, all of which can be done from a beach in Thailand.

Teaching English

Speaking of Thailand, teaching English is one way literally thousands of travellers every year take advantage of opportunities to stay on the road longer. While it’s becoming more and more difficult to get teaching jobs in some countries (like Thailand, Korea and Japan) without degrees of some kind (not necessarily teaching degrees either!), other countries like Laos, Indonesia, central and South American countries and the like are still fairly straightforward and easy to find work. Check out the likes of Dave’s ESL Cafe online for English teaching jobs around the world. *PS: You can even do it online too by Skype, which is a way to teach globally without having to be in a specific country, just be aware of the potentially late or early stars to coincide with your clients timezone*

So if you’re looking for ways to keep the trip going, try out one of the above. This is just the tip of the iceberg though and by thinking outside the box and working with skills you already have you can develop some truly ingenious ways to stay on the road longer… if not indefinitely!