Ways to prank your siblings for fun

God gives us fewer moments to mess up our relationship with our siblings but we know how to turn it the other way round. It’s something about the relationship between siblings that no matter what race, creed, religion, part of the world they belong to, they just can’t find peace with each other’s presence, have you ever thought about it. Kids on social media making reels with their siblings also talk about fighting with them. Celebrities in big industries around the globe also have a thing or two to say about their brothers or sisters. And the common man is no different. This quirky relationship needs more than just casual fights. It’s time to do pranks. And the time when you can show your love for your siblings final year is you can always make it up with the Silver Rakhi on Raksha Bandhan and Asics shoes on Bhai Dooj along with being their Santa for Christmas.

Here go some real scary and funny pranks to show your sibling what you are made of.

  • The ghost prank

It takes nothing to become a ghost overnight, not in reality but your sibling’s thought process. Set a table on the bed that raises your height from the ground. Hand on it like a ghost, flat on your back. Dim the lights of the room so that no one can say otherwise.

  • Coldwater prank

The fancy sibling who likes to have the perfect everyday bath with the warm and cold water showing down on them, it’s only cute to close the outlet tap with the hot water. Now as they are standing in the bathroom all lathered in soap, they will have to take a bath with water of the same temperature as your stone-cold heart.

  • Pasted hand prank

The easy paper that they will pick up be it their assignment or early morning newspaper can be easily lathered with some real fevicol. And that important piece of paper is bound to stick by them literally throughout the day. And if you can find the guts you can place the explosive piece of paper on their chair and you know where the information will be hanging out the whole day.

  • Divide and rule the bed

The double bed in the house that is always put together by combining two single beds needs to come to play now. Spread the two beds to a distance that is enough to fit your sibling in the hole. Cover it with a bed sheet so that they have very little clue. And as they roll over, they will take a good fall.

  • Broken laptop prank

The concept of screensavers may be for peace and identity to many but to us, it’s a prank. Set a screensaver of your sibling’s laptop that makes it look like the screen is completely shattered. When they will open their Pandora box they will be taken aback and you will be laughing out loud.