When a Baby Is on the Way: 5 Items That Should Be in Your Hospital Bag

When you’re expecting a baby, it’s a time of excitement, and perhaps a little trepidation as well. If this is your first child, your life is about to be changed forever. There is no need to be nervous, though. Childbirth is a natural and beautiful thing, and it is safer than ever with the modern technology available. For instance, you can look into Bloomlife’s guide to timing contractions and figure out when the baby is on the way. As the time approaches, you’ll want to have a hospital bag packed and ready as well. Here are the five items that should certainly be in there.

An Old Nightgown or Tee-Shirt

If you’re having a child, you’ll want to have something comfortable to wear on the way to the hospital. Once you’re there, you’ll be provided a gown, but after the event has taken place, you’ll want something to wear home as well. An old tee-shirt or a nightgown should work perfectly.

Lotion or Massage Oil

Many women like to have their partner massage their back and shoulders in between contractions. Sometimes the birth can take a substantial amount of time, and if so, the back and shoulder muscles knotting up is not uncommon. That lotion or massage oil can feel nice for relieving some of that tension.


Backless slippers that are easy to take on and off are appropriate footwear for this occasion. You can slip into them on the way to the car, and then once you’re safely at the hospital, you can remove them if you like. It’s not uncommon for women’s hands and feet to swell when they are pregnant, so loose-fitting footwear is a reasonable option. Avoid wearing anything with laces when you know that the birth is approaching.

Lip Balm

In a warm labor ward, it is easy for your lips to become chapped and dry. Bringing some of your favorite lip balm with you is a smart idea, as you’ll want to reapply it often.

Birth Ball

Many women like to bring a birthing ball with them to the hospital. Some medical facilities have them already, but if you bring your own, then you can be sure that it’s the right size. Remember to bring a pump with you as well so that your birthing partner can inflate it for you.

There are lots of other items that some women like to have with them in their hospital bags, such as socks in case their feet get cold during labor, snacks or isotonic sports drinks, or glucose tablets. Some who have long hair might want a couple of hair clips or bands. Others may prefer to bring some magazines, books, or even a tablet computer. You might think to bring along some extra pillows if you believe that the hospital will not have enough for you, and you may wish to bring some relaxing music.

You should be sure to bring everything with you that you think you’re going to need. You want to be comfortable and relaxed for this event.