Why A Multi Fuel Stove Beats a Gas or Electric Fire Hands Down

Multifuel stoves look just like wood stoves in their design and appearance. They are described as multi-fuel because the stove can burn either wood, wood pellets, coal, or peat. This type of stove generally has a grate where the fire burns on and an ash catcher that can be easily removed and cleaned. The difference is that the fire will burn on the bed of ash with wood stoves and can’t be used with coal, while the multifuel stoves burn on a grate and can burn other materials.


Multi fuel stoves can be used for a variety of reasons and were made popular around the 19th century. With these stoves, you can cook on them, boil water on them, or they can even serve as a heater for a home. This type of stove is mostly used in the UK, Ireland, and continental Europe.


When the industrialization of coal came about, many people started to want coal-burning stoves because it was more effective. Coal will burn twice as good as wood or peat, so that is why a demand got so heavy for it, before it was realised there are more eco-friendly options available. So, the invention of the multi fuel stove was a welcome alternative for homeowners. Other types of Multi-fuel stoves are used for camping or hiking. These stoves are lightweight and will burn various types of liquid fuels.

If you only own a wood stove, then a multi fuel stove is a worthwhile investment because you will save tons of money and have more fuel options to heat for your home. Even if you have a modern gas stove, buying a multi fuel stove isn’t be a bad idea either. The stoves have a distinct look to them, and even if you don’t feel you need the use of one for heating purposes, they are excellent items to spice up your home decor. They will change the atmosphere of almost any room and go along well with most other objects.

Questions to ask the salesperson before you buy a stove

Although cheap electric stoves might seem a great option for heating the home, and they do have some advantages, it is a good idea to shop around when buying a new stove this winter, as you may be amazed at the number of options on offer. See multi fuel stoves here for examples.

Another popular form of home heating is the pellet stove, along with multi fuel stoves. This looks very much like a traditional wood-burning stove, but instead of using bulky wood as fuel, it uses small, wooded pellets, and therefore obtaining fuel is a much simpler option. The pellets used by the stoves are made from compressed hardwood that are about one one-third inch in diameter and come in bags of about 8 kg. Multi fuel stoves can also burn pellets.

Multi fuel stoves are not only convenient but also cost-effective, as you can choose whichever fuel is easiest to obtain and at the lowest price in your local area.