Why Don’t Motorcycles Have Storage Compartments?

Riding a bike is a super fun activity but it all vanishes when you have to carry so many things with you on a long trip. Most of the motorbikes are not equipped with storage compartments. Sometimes when you go to the grocery you want to load your motorbike with your shopping bags but sadly you don’t have any storage compartment where you could keep your stuff. But you can install a few storage bags in your motorbike to enhance its storage capacity. So if you are trying to find motorcycle bags that are durable for long-term usage, I would give you an honest suggestion to shop it from Viking bags. Viking bags swing arm bags are available at a cheap price. Swingarm bags are very convenient as they provide quick access to your motorbike key parts such as exhaust pipes and rear-wheel shocks. And all things aside, never compromise on your safety and do wear all the protective motorcycle riding gear all the time.

Why do most motorbikes do not have storage compartments?

As most of the motorcycle companies state that they are providing storage compartments but they only provide very less storage capacity that is mostly located under the rear seat of your motorbike that provides access for storing small items like a toolkit, first aid box, etc.

Most of the well-known companies like Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, and Suzuki tried a lot to fix the storage problem. But they figured out that if they enhance the storage capacity for luggage it may create riding difficulties. But the only way to fix the storage problem was to reduce the capacity of your fuel tank.

In a scooter, reduced fuel capacity that is around 5 liters will be left while in a motorbike 12 to 18 liters of fuel capacity will be leftover. So, big companies don’t opt for the idea of reducing fuel capacity because reducing the storage capacity of motorbike won’t give fuel economy.

But few companies tried to give immense space for storing luggage by displacing the fuel tank under the seat of the motorcycle but it doesn’t give stylish shape to the motorbike in fact motorbike comes out in the shape of a scooter which does not provide the feeling of riding a motorbike so it’s not acceptable for most of the motorcycle riders.

Other than that, if you also want to enhance the storage capacity of your motorbike by installing durable motorbike bags I would recommend you should stop them from Viking. Viking solo bags are available in the best quality at affordable prices. They provide you immense durability and space for long-term usage.

Besides that, most motorcycles, companies enhance the fuel tank capacity instead of luggage capacity, and I think it is a practical approach because you can find out several means by which you can enhance the storage of your luggage but you can’t enhance the storage capacity of your fuel.

Motorcycle storage ideas

Some bikes come with few storage bags like Harley-Davidson and Kawasaki equip a few of their bikes with saddlebags which are mostly located under the seat of the motorbike. But to provide more storage to your motorbike you can equip your motorbike with several storage motorcycle bags.

Swim arm motorcycle bags.

Swim arm bags are meant for storing small items like a first aid box kit, a few documents, and a tool kit. The rider can store their belongings in a good way because swim arm bags provide easy access to your belongings. You can easily store your basic stuff like a camera, mobile, water bottle, and other important documents in your swim arm motorcycle bag. You can also remove your swim bag easily whenever you find the need to take it off. These bags are practical and can be used in other things also apart from biking.

Tank bags for enhancing storage

Tank bags are attached to the fuel tank of your bike. If someone suggests you load your back bag and hang it on your shoulders you won’t go for this idea because it would be so uncomfortable. So the tank bag is suitable for storing your luggage like several clothes, various documents, and other items. Most of the tank bags come up with several compartments especially the upper compartment is transparent so that you can keep your mobile phone there. You can also place your navigation system here as well.


So if you are a traveler or adventure lover you can enhance the storage of your motorbike by installing various motorcycle bags like tank bags, solo bags, or saddlebags. It’s up to your need and requirement which bag is best and suitable for your motorbike.